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  • 50% of North American dogs are overweight

    Find out how a low GI diet can help your best friend

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How nutrition affects your pet's health

Your pet's food should be the main source of healthy nutrition. Even allowing your dog to be a little overweight can reduce their lifespan.

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What to Look For

  • Healthy Teeth Healthy Teeth

    Healthy Teeth

    Healthy teeth are important to a dogs overall health and their lifespan. Back teeth are always hard to clean which is why we introduced Mega Bones, so medium and large breeds can clean their molars while crunching on these huge, healthy treats.

  • Weight Control Weight Control

    Weight Control

    50% of North American Dogs are overweight and at risk of severe health complications. Zero/G food for dogs is our low glycemic and grain free solution.

  • Healthy Heart Healthy Heart

    Healthy Heart

    Regularly feeding high glycemic foods like corn, wheat, potato and tapioca can cause cardiovascular inflammation which leads to heart disease. Find out why you should consider switching to low glycemic Zero/G food for dogs.

  • Bones and Joints Bones and Joints

    Bones and Joints

    Help your dog get a grip on bone and joint health "treat style" with all natural Chick'N Fingers™ with Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

  • Multi Vitamin Multi Vitamin

    Multi Vitamin

    Supplements are important for a dogs health which is why we made Liva Hearts with a storehouse of Vitamin A-Zinc food-sourced vitamins and minerals dogs need and love. See Liva Hearts and Liva Minis.

  • Mature Mature


    As pets age they are commonly less active and mature pets do well with a grain free low glycemic food that is easy on digestion and formulated to help support the longest life possible.

  • Allergies Allergies


    Dogs that are affected by food allergies have a limited selection of what they can eat. We decided to expand their low allergen options with a wide variety of wheat, corn, and grain free all natural options.

  • Fresh Breath Fresh Breath

    Fresh Breath

    Peppermint oil & parsley, the dynamic duo for great breath and digestion! Breath Beaters will certainly help with temporary bad breath or slow digestion.

  • Energy Energy


    Active dogs need treats in between meals to help keep energy levels high. Visit our selection of Natural & Holistic Treats as well as our Mega Bones for larger breeds.

  • Easy to Digest Easy to Digest

    Easy to Digest

    A smooth running and healthy digestive system is key to a long health life for all dogs. While soothing Tummy Treats will work wonders for temporary upset, a grain free low glycemic food like Zero/G food for dogs may be the long term solution you are look

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