ZERO/G Roasted Duck 15 lb Bulk


Darford’s delicious and extremely healthy ZERO/G Roasted Duck treats are also available in bulk, making it easy to mix and match your dog’s favorite flavors. This limited ingredient treat boasts zero grains, zero gluten and zero GMOs, all the things your best friend doesn’t need. Boasting duckĀ as the number one ingredient along with a multitude of superfoods, ZERO/G Roasted Duck treats pack a healthy, and flavorful, punch, providing your pooch with all the good ingredients he does need. And they’re the perfect go-to treat for those dogs with food allergies and sensitivities.


Guaranteed Health Analysis

  • Crude protein (min) 17%
  • Crude fat (min) 12%
  • Crude fiber (max) 5%
  • Moisture (max) 10%
  • Calorie content 38.9
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