What To Look For

Consider these health attributes when choosing the perfect Darford treats for your dog.

Healthy Teeth

Healthy teeth are important to a dog’s overall health. Back teeth are always hard to clean which is why we introduced Mega Bones, so medium and large breeds can clean their molars while crunching on these huge, healthy treats.

Weight Control

Treats with lower calories and more fiber can help keep pets’ weight within a healthy range. Our Grain Free Functional Healthy Weight Management treats are a great option for those dogs who need a few less calories. Just remember to feed in moderation.

Bones and Joints

Our new Hip and Joint Functional treats contain Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin Sulfate. Available in both Regular and Mini size.


Many dogs have sensitivities to grain and gluten; our grain free treats provide an excellent alternative for dogs with those sensitivities.

Fresh Breath

Peppermint oil and parsley, the dynamic duo for great breath and digestion! Breath Beaters will give your dog nice fresh breath, which is greatly appreciated when he gives you big, sloppy kisses.


Darford treats are a great way to help increase your dog’s energy levels in between meals. Choose from our healthy selection of ZERO/G, Grain Free, Naturals, Mega Bones and Mega Juniors.

Easy to Digest

A healthy digestive system is key to a dog’s long and healthy life. That’s why treats with ingredients that are healthy and easy to digest make treat time even more special.

Healthy Coat

Our Grain Free Functional Healthy Skin & Coat treats contain Salmon and Salmon Oil, as well as lots of other natural ingredients that are beneficial to a dog’s skin and coat. Available in both Regular and Mini size.


Our Organic treats are USDA Certified Organic and contain organic meats, organic fruits and vegetables, and healthy organic grains, like rolled oats and barley. All great, healthy ingredients that make for an extra delicious and extra healthy treat!