Zero/G Food

Darford ZeroG Food

ZERO/G Oven-baked food for dogs is now available in two flavors: Free Run Chicken Recipe and Wild
Caught Pacific Salmon Recipe. Both formulas contain antioxidant-rich superfoods and pre- and pro-
biotics, which are healthy additions to a dog’s diet. The single protein and limited-ingredient formulas
ensure your dog is getting the goodness he really needs. With real meat or fish as the number one
ingredient, a mix of fruit and vegetables, and a blend of essential nutrients, ZERO/G Food is a completely
balanced formula, perfect for all life stages.

ZERO/G Food is oven baked instead of extruded, so it retains more of the goodness, more of the flavor
and it isn’t coated with extra greasy oil that you’ll find with many other foods. A perfectly tasty and
nutritious addition to your best friend’s diet, which has always been our goal.

Because all of us have dogs too, and just like you, we only want what’s best for them.


Available in 14-pound/6.35 KG cases and 4.4-pound/2 kg bags